Does Your Child Lack Emotional Intelligence?

Posted on: 24 December 2019

If you have a child, one of your biggest concerns is likely related to how well he or she will fare in the world. It is no secret that people who are more emotionally intelligent than others will have stronger and more successful relationships. When you have a child, it can be difficult to spot the signs of low emotional intelligence. These are some of the signs that your child may have lower emotional intelligence.
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How To Kindly Encourage Your Pregnant Teenage Daughter To Make The Right Decision For Herself And Her Baby

Posted on: 2 June 2016

Finding out that your teenage daughter is pregnant can be heartbreaking and emotional. But for all of the worry that you're suffering, it's likely your daughter is even more confused and distressed. Amidst all of this turmoil, she is expected to make the decision whether to keep her baby, have an abortion, or put the baby up for adoption. That's a tough decision for any woman to make, let alone a girl who has yet to graduate from high school.
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4 Facts About Cremation You Should Know

Posted on: 4 November 2015

In this day and age, traditional forms of burial are becoming less and less common. As space becomes harder to find to bury loved ones and that space having a premium price put on it, more and more families are opting for alternative forms of post funeral rituals and rites. The second most common form of post funeral ritual is now cremation, second only to burial. It is predicted that, by the year 2017, cremations will consist of 50% of all post funeral rituals, equaling the number of burials that take place.
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