Does Your Child Lack Emotional Intelligence?

Posted on: 24 December 2019


If you have a child, one of your biggest concerns is likely related to how well he or she will fare in the world. It is no secret that people who are more emotionally intelligent than others will have stronger and more successful relationships. When you have a child, it can be difficult to spot the signs of low emotional intelligence. These are some of the signs that your child may have lower emotional intelligence.

Your Child Doesn't Exhibit a Sense of Others

While it is normal for very young children to live a life that is self-centered, children grow older and learn that other people also have feelings, needs, and wants. You may see that your child dominates conversation and attention and does not allow others to talk.

Your Child Has a Poor Sense of the Room's Mood

Again, it is totally normal for a child not to recognize that people are sad or mad when they are quite young. This changes as the child grows. If your teenager is making inappropriate jokes when people in the room are sad about a recent death, they may be exhibiting signs of low emotional intelligence. This situation can lead to many awkward moments.

Your Child Does Not Take Responsibility

If your child blames others constantly and refuses to take responsibility for things they have done, they may not have developed a strong sense of emotional intelligence. They may make excuses constantly rather than hold themselves accountable.

Your Child Struggles to Make Meaningful Friendships

Do you notice that your child lacks friends as they grow older? Lasting relationships of all kinds depend on emotional support, understanding, and compassion. Many young people with low emotional intelligence may struggle to provide these qualities in a friendship.

Your Child Struggles to Accept Different Views

A person who defends their point to the death without considering other views may lack emotional intelligence. You may notice that your young adult does not listen to other views to the point that it can become detrimental. While it is not normal to accept every point as true, it is important to listen to other views. Individuals with low emotional intelligence may struggle with this.

Keep in mind that none of this should scare you. The good new is that with intervention, your child may be able to develop more emotional intelligence and grow into an happy and healthy adult. Meet with a psychological professional to discuss options for your child today.

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