4 Signs Your Child Might Need Psychiatric Services

Posted on: 26 May 2021


At times, it's hard to tell the symptoms of mental health conditions in children. Generally, the psychological issues in kids and adults manifest differently. The good thing is that your child can quickly recover from a mental condition when you seek early medical intervention.

Therefore, it is crucial to spot any unusual behavior that could indicate mental health issues in your child. Here are the signs indicating that you should get expert psychiatric services for your child.

1. When They Seem Depressed

In children, depression manifests in varying ways. The child might feel guilty, hopeless, worthless, and sad. Other indications are poor academic performance and changes in mood. Though many issues can cause depression in children, it can easily result from things like divorce and bullying at school. Once you notice signs of depression in your child, consult your physician right away.

Sadly, extreme depression and bipolar syndrome are life-threatening conditions that can lead to suicide if untreated. So, do not hold back from seeking help in fear of the stigmatization or the side effects of taking psychiatric meds. The medication is way safer than the consequences of untreated mental illness. Antidepressants generally only have mild side effects, and they are effective in treating hyperactive disorders, bed-wetting, and anxiety.

2. When They Speak of Self-Harm

You should get concerned when your child begins hurting themselves, talking about hurting themselves, or talking of violent scenes. At this point, you need to seek psychiatric services instantly. Make the child feel comfortable and loved and avoid treating them differently from others. Just treat them as usual as you pay close attention to their actions.

3. If They Can't Do Healthy Activities Due to Anxiety

It's okay if your child gets anxious to do a class presentation or develops anxiety due to a school test. A slight concern is not harmful. But, when they start refusing or fearing to do basic activities, it's not a good sign. For instance, they may refuse to visit a friend or play for their sports team without a valid reason. It might be the right time to visit a psychiatrist when you see these signs.

4. If a Child Becomes Too Aggressive

It's normal for children to have arguments with other kids and adults. However, when they get aggressive, it could be a result of an underlying condition. Violence and assault are some examples of aggression that may indicate a mental disorder.

Once you realize a need to consult a psychiatrist for your child, ensure that they conduct a physical exam, lab, and psychological tests during the initial assessment. Moreover, work on building a close relationship with your psychiatrist as you may need to consult them from time to time. For more information, contact a doctor like Les Linet MD.